Supermicro SC846 120mm fan wall adapter

3D printing Jun 16, 2022

Like so many in the homelabs community, I finally got ahold of the SC846 chassis and found it to be almost perfect - except for the loud stock fan wall.

There are many other options out there for 3d printed 120mm fan walls.  But they were all pretty janky, relying on friction fits or a bunch of extra parts and fasteners.

So I set out to create a drop in replacement, that leverages the same mounting points, the original screws, tight tolerances to maximize air pressure differential, and minimum airflow impedance for the fans.

This design can be printed on almost every mainstream FDM 3d printer - Enders, PRUSAs, et al.  You can grab the file to print yourself here for $1.70.

Update - 7/29/23:

I have revised this model with a new iteration that makes is possible to print on smaller printers (now requiring only 200x200mm footprint) as well as making it easier for me to pack and ship for custom orders.

2023 Revised design
Supermicro SC846 120mm Fan Shroud
3D Printable Fan Shroud for the popular Supermicro SC846 server chassis to use 120mm fans instead of the stock 80mm fans. Printed in two parts so it can be printed on most printers (large part dimensions are 242mm x 138mm, so it will print on PRUSA printers). Assembles using the original screws.…
Download the file on cults3D for $1.70

If you don't have a 3d printer, and really want this made for you, I'm offering this made-to-order for $30.